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Lecture 5

MGMT 4000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Strategos, Organizational Learning, Pest AnalysisPremium

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MGMT 4000
Ernavan Duren

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Lecture #5 October 6 2016-10-06
Topic One: Beyond Components of Strategy and Strategic Management
Current Strategy Focuses on:
Product Service Offering
Strategic Direction
Competitive Premise
Business System
Next, perform the following:
External Assessment
Performance Assessment
Internal Assessment
Strategic Options are then explored
New Strategy has then been formed.
Organizational Contexts
Strategic Business Unit
o Not for Profit / Public
o Corporate / Alliance
o Entrepreneurial
o Professional
Two Broad Conceptual Approaches
Product Service market
o Top Down
Resources Activities to Competencies
o Bottom Up
Corporate Strategy Directional Form
Unrelated Firm - Unregulated (orizontal )ntegration
Buyers Forward Integration Vertical / Downstream
Competitor Regulated Horizontal Integration
Suppliers Backward integration Vertical / Upstream
Corporate Strategy as Wealth Creation in a M-SBU Company
Sustained wealth creation requires mobilizing resources, activities and
capabilities appropriate to the external environment overtime
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