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Lecture 16

MICR 2420 Lecture 16: Lecture 8 (After Midterm)

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MICR 2420
Emma Allen- Vercoe

Lecture 8 Microbes in the Food and Beverage Industry Microbes and Food Microbes are used both as food and in the processing of food, and have been used in this way for thousands of years Food Spoilage and Contamination Microbes may spoil food via chemical changes Food spoilage refers to microbial changes that render a product obviously unfit or unpalatable for consumption o Acids = sour taste o Oxidation of fats = rancidity o Decompositions of proteins = putrefaction o Alkalinity = bitter taste Pathogen contamination of food may cause: o Food contamination or food poisoning, refers to the presence of human pathogens o Food intoxication, refers to the ingestion of food contaminated by toxins (produced fromby bacteria growing in the food) Food spoilage by microbes occurs at all points of the food chain: o Before harvest o During transport o Storage o Preparation Food spoilage contributes to food security o Fungi Puccinia species wheat rust o Aspergillus Flavus toxins Aflatoxins, carcinogens o Food intoxication: anaerobic, toxigenic, endosporeforming gram positive bacterium Clostridium botulinum = botulism FoodBorne Pathogens Emerge from Environment and Agriculture Foodborne pathogens typically arise from a range of sources Listeria monocytogenes, a psychotrophic bacterium, is ubiquitous (abundant) in the environment o Invades intestinal epithelium Causes listeriosis Complications for fetus It can grow at 4 degrees C (fridge) Primarily a problem of readytoeat foods; unpasteurized cheeses
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