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Lecture 6

MICR 2420 Lecture 6: Microbiology Midterm Review

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MICR 2420
Emma Allen- Vercoe

Microbiology Midterm Review Cells are the fundamental units of life All living things are made up of 1 more cells There are 3 Domains: 1. Eukarya 2. Bacteria 3. Archaea There are two kingdoms of unicellular organisms 1. Plants 2. Animals There is one kingdom that is made of both unicellular AND multicellular 1. Protists (including algae) Cell Function Each living cell has the capacity to perform certain basic functions that are characteristic of all living forms A cell can live and perform all its functions because of its organelles 8 Life Functions 1. Respiration 2. Regulation 3. Reproduction 4. Excretion 5. Growth 6. Nutrition 7. Transport 8. Synthesis Macromolecules are fundamental to all cells Carbohydrates: building blocks (monosaccharaides) Proteins: building blocks (amino acids) Nucleic acids: building blocks (nucleotides) Lipids: Building blocks (glycerol, fatty acids) Origins of life on earth All life on earth is made of stardust; the remnants of supernovae The origin of life required fundamental elements that make up organic molecules Life requires the continual input of energy, and temperature range that permits liquid water Earliest known forms of life were unicellular Endosymbiosis ER and nuclear envelope of eukaryotes may have evolved from infoldings of the plasma membrane in a primordial cell
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