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Lecture 12

MICR 2420 Lecture 12: The Immune System – Lecture 1-3

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MICR 2420
Emma Allen- Vercoe

The Immune System Lecture 1 Introduction to the Innate Immune System We are constantly surrounded by microbes, yet we do not get sick often why? Not all of them are diseasecausing Pathogens We have a First Line of Defense o This includes many physical and chemical barriers that help us exclude and manage microbes When the barriers are breached (broken), the immune system comes into play Immune System: A complex and interconnected system of: o Lymphoid organs o Tissues o Cells o Cell soluble products Tonsils and adenoids, lymph nodes, thymus, lymphatic vessels, appendix ALL along GI tract, which gets in the most contact with microbes The primary organs: bone marrow and thymus all the others are secondary organs All of these work to recognize, neutralize, control andor eliminate potential pathogenic threats Collectively, the immune system can respond to almost any foreign (nonself) molecular structure The Mammalian Immune System has 2 arms: The Innate System the system we are born with ready from the beginning The Adaptive System we teach it to be active These 2 systems are interconnected The Innate System Also called the Nonspecific or Nonadaptive system The components of this system include: o Physical barriers which exclude and prevent entry o Chemical and cellular barriers, which become involved when the physical barriers are breached o The normal microbiota o Protects us before adaptive immune system comes into play Characteristics: o Present at birth o Nonspecific no memory (ensures system responds at the same level each time it comes across a foreign member) No amplification o NO production of antibodies only occurs in adaptive system st o 1 line of defense (012h) protects us between the time of encounter of pathogen and the time the adaptive system is activated
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