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Lecture 1 general intro lecture

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MICR 2420
Emma Allen- Vercoe

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2013-­‐09-­‐06   Who  is  this  faculty  member?    (I  have  never  met  her)   •  Training:  Biochemistry  B.Sc.  Hons,  Molecular   Microbiology  (Ph.D.),  BCL3  Bacterial  pathogenesis   (postdoc),  Cellular  microbiology  (postdoc)   •  Research:  Microbial  ecology  of  the  human  gut  in   health  and  disease  (IBD,  colorectal  cancer,   Clostridium  difficile  infec▯on,  au▯sm   •  Teaching:  this  course  (Fall),  Bacterial   Pathogenesis  (Winter),  MCB  graduate  student   seminar  series  (Fall  and  Winter)     Some  housekeeping   •  Textbook:  Microbiology:  an  evolndng  science   (Slonczewski  and  Foster,  2  Ed.)   •  D2L:  Please  check  for  news  items  regularly.    I   encourage  use  of  discussion  boards  throughout   the  course.    Please  download  course  outline  and   assignment  (and  read  thoroughly!!)     •  i>Clickers:  are  required  for  this  course    (no   excuses,  please).    They  will  be  used  to  increase   class  engagement  and  hence  understanding.   •  Class  ▯mes:  Monday,  Wednesday  and  Friday,   9.30-­‐10.20.    Please  be  punctual!     1   2013-­‐09-­‐06   My  ‘rules’   •  A▯end  class!       –  Those  who  regularly  a▯end  class  get  be▯er  grades.    Yes,  really.   •  Be  respec▯ul  to  your  classmates!   –  Carrying  on  conversa▯ons,  logging  on  to  social  media,  instant   you  during  class  and  are  distrac▯ng  to  others!    not  useful  to   •  Use  your  textbook!   –  It’s  not  just  an  expensive  paperweight  –  we  chose  it  for  good   reason.   •  Learning  takes  place  inside  the  classroom/lab  –  and  out!   –  I  assign  reading  (and  watching!)  to  HELP  you!    Please  try  hard  to   complete  these  assignments.    (Exam  ques▯ons  may  be  based  on   this  material.)   •  If  required,  please  make  an  appointment  to  see  me  outside   of  class   –  As  much  as  I  like  drop-­‐ins,  teaching  is  not  the  only  thing  I  do!         Academic integrity is required to take this course. Academic misconduct limits learning and disadvantages honest students. h▯p://­‐ amisconduct.shtml   For a better understanding of academic integrity see tutorials at: h▯p://   h▯p:// 2   2013-­‐09-­‐06   Pick  up  your  lab  manual  NOW,  even   if  you  are  scheduled  for  labs  or  the   second  half  of  the  semester   For courses offered throuDgehpt.thoef Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) Lab  Cycle  1  starts  9 ,  10  or  11   September     On sale 5 days on–ly Sept5,6,9,10, &1 1   Morning :s10-12&Afternoo:n1 s–3 Lab  Cycle  2  starts  21 ,  22  and  23   Science Complex R 1m15. 3 October     Check  D2L  to  see  which  sec▯on  you   COURSCEODE COURSN EAME COVER COST have  been  assigned  to   BIOC*2580 Introductory Biochemistry cherry $ 10   BIOC*3570 Analytical Biochemistry teal $ 10 For  ques▯ons  about  LAB  WORK:  please   BIOC*4520 Metabolic Proce(slescetsurneote)s $ 20e BOT*2100 LifeStrategies of Plants blue $10 see  either  Rohan  or  your  TAs.     MBG*3350 Lab Methods in Mol. BiologlI e $ 10 For  ques▯ons  about  CLASSWORK:  please   MICR*2420 Introduction to Microbiolyhite $ 10 see  me.   MICR*2430 Microbiology Methods I white $15   MICR*3090 Mycology orange $10 Not  sure  where  your  ques▯on  fits?    Ask   Studen:tsPlease arrange to purchasmeaynouuarl during the sale pSme  anyway  –  I’ll  do  my  best!   will cost $5 extIrna.order to avoid long lineupesh,apvleeacsourse c&odcaesh readyT.hank You!   A  word  about  exams   •  Why  are  there  2  midterm  exams?    Isn’t  that  a  bit   excessive?   –  This  is  to  take  the  pressure  off  you  for  the  final  exam     •  i.e.  I  am  actually  being
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