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Archaeal diversity notes

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MICR 2420
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ARCHAEAL DIVERSITYArchaea are the mostdiverse of ecologicallythe 3 domains species found in extreme to moderate temps salinity pHarchaea have been known to cause disease T FALSE despite their ubiquitous nature no archaeon has been known to cause diseaseor FHow are Archaea distinct from Bacteria1 unusual lipid composition in cytoplasmic membrane2 different cell wall composition3 archaeal enzymes for transcription and DNA replication are actually more closely related to those of eukarya than to bacteriawhat are the 2 main phyla of the domain CrenarchaeotaArchaeaEuryarchaeotawhat are the characterisitics of the phyla encompass the WIDEST RANGE OF GROWTH TEMPS of any division of lifeCRENARCHAEOTAinclude both hyperthermophiles and mesophilespsychrophilesWhat is the habitat of Crenarchaeotic commonly grow in hot spring and geysers hyperthermophiles contain reduced mineralshave low oxygen content most hyperthermophiles anaerobic steep temp gradienthigh acidity resulting from the oxidation of S and FeWhat are the characteristics of the Order Chernarchaeotic hyperthermophilesSulofobalesRESPIRE by OXIDIZING SULFUR H2SH2SO4What are the characteristics of the Sulfolobus hyperthermophiles grow at 8090deg in hot springs and volcanic ventsspeciescell membranes composed mainly of tetraethers with cyclopentane rings common in acidophilic thermophile
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