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MICR 2420

what is resolutionthe smallest distance by which two objects can be separated and still be distinguishedwhat is the resolution of the human retina 150 micrometers 17 mmwhat is the average sizelength of eukaryotic 10100 micrometersmicrobeswhat is the average size of prokaryotic 0410 micrometersmicrobeswhat is the average size of viruses0302 micrometersWhat is the name of the longest bacteria E fishelsonidiscovered How long is it and where was is up to 06 mmdiscoveredlives in the gut of Sturgeon fishWhy is there a limit to the size of unicellular surface area to volume ratioorganismsUnicellular microoranisms need to get their nutrients from the environment via the cell membraneSurface area to cell volume ratio decreases at cell size increasesif you had a very large cell the surface area would be relatively very small compared to the volume of the cell and the cell would not be able to obtain enough nutrients to sustain itselflight is a part of the spectrum of 400750 nmelectromagnetic radiation what is the ie if a microbe is larger than 400 nm we can see itwavelength of visible lightwhat conditions must exist in order for 1 there must be contrast between the object and its mediumelectromagnetic radiation to resolve an 2 the wavelength being used by the microscope must be smaller than the objectobject3 must have a detector with sufficient resolution for the given wavelengthBrightField Microscopya form of microscopy in which the field is bright and the specimen appears opaqueemploys various stainsNEED TO FIX AND STAIN as most microorganisms are transparentDEAD ORGANISMS ONLYmost stains haveconjugated double bonds or aromatic rings and one or more positive chargeschemical propertieswhat is a simple staina simple stain adds dark colour to cells not the external medium or surrounding tissue
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