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January 18th 2012 lecture

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
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MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

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Lecture 2 Research Methods Sampling thWednesday January 18 2012SYMBOLSPOPULATION SAMPLE MEAN Q2 VARIANCE SSTANDARD DEVIATION SVariance The difference between the average mean and the valueStandard Deviation Square root of the variance6DPSOLQJThe sample has to be representative of the population of studyMean changes as you being to remove values from population to samplesample errorsNonresponse error occurs when people do not respond to your study Eg dont answer the questionnaire of the population of interest in Sampling Distribution The theoretical distribution of an infiniteof samples your study low sampling error means you had relatively less variability in the sampling distribution High sampling error means that you had relatively greater variabilityA larger sample size will generally decrease sampling error therefore larger is better5HGXFLQJ6DPSOLQJUURUVGuarantee confidentiality survey length sponsor disguise prenotification tell person youll be calling themalso followup personalization footinthedoor technique followup survey etc6DPSOLQ
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