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January 30th 2012 Research Methods Lecture Note

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

Research Methods thJanuary 30 LectureExampleYour Research Question Do employees who feel they have more control in their workplace trust their supervisors more Independent Control Dependent Trust of supervisors Your Hypothesis HA Employee perceived control is positively related to trust in their supervisor Null Hypothesis Amount of perceived control wont have any effect on trust of supervisors Your Constructs to be measuredEmployee perceived controllocus of control as defined byTrust in supervisorTrust as defined byYour items that operationalize the construct Items measuring employee perceived controlWhat is a construct An abstract idea or concept formed in a persons mind where the idea is a combination of a number of similar characteristics of the constructThe characteristics are the variables that collectively define the concept and make measurement of the concept possibleAn unobservable concept that is measured indirectly by a group of related variablesScale Development The process
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