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Feb.1 2012 Research Methods Lecture

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3030
Tanya Mark

st February 12012 Research Methods LectureVVXHVLQ0HDVXUHPHQW Construct ValidityAre your items operationalization measuring what it is suppose to measureIs the approx truth of the conclusion that your operationalization accurately reflects its constructs Translation Validity 1Face Validity Does the operationalization look like a good translation of the constructAre you measuring what you intended to measureWeakest way to demonstrate construct validity but improved with expert judgment 2 Content Validity Operationalization is checked against the domain of relevant traits for the constructThis method increases rigorHard to get all content CriterationRelated Validity 1 Predictive Validity Operationalization can predict something that it theoretically is supposed to 2 Concurrent ValidityOperationalizations can distinguish between groups that it should be able toHigher ability to distinguish between similar groups indicated greater concurrent validity 3 Convergent Validity Operationalization highly correlates with other measures of the same construct 4 Discrimin
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