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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3040
Joseph Radocchia

HTM2700 Introductory Foods thMonday LectureSept 16 2013 Dispersion SystemsLiquidLiquid Dispersion SystemEmulsionsEmulsions special subgroup of liquid liquid dispersion systemsAlways contains 2 immiscible liquids etc vinegar and oil oil and water Liquids which are not capable of staying mixedtogether by themselves for any length of time One immiscible liquid is dispersed in the other immiscible liquidOil is always dispersed in vinegar or water2 Types TemporaryPermanentTypes of Emulsions 1 Temporary Emulsions eg vinaigrette dressings oil vinegar and seasoningsoil is temporary dispersed in vinegarthe 2 immiscible liquids separate upon standing 2 Permanent of Emulsionseg mayonnaiseContains an emulsifier eggEmulsifiers keep one immiscible liquid dispersed in another immiscible liquid permanentlyIn mayonnaise oil is dispersed phase and vinegar is continuous phase Egg yolk contains emulsifier LECITHINEmulsifierHas an affinity for both phases of an emulsionMost common emulsifier is lecithin in egg yolksHas a hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end HYDROWater PHOBICFear of PHILICLoving likingIn mayonnaise the 2 ends of the lecithin emulsifier in egg yolk will orient themselves as followsHydrophobic water fearing end towards the oilHydrophilic water loving end towards the vinegarCourse Pack p21A Parenchyma Cell diagram Cell Wall is composed of 1 Cellulose main constituent complex carbohydrate which is a polymer of glucose source of fibre in the dietBeta linkage cannot be broken by humans 2 Hemicellulose cellulose is embedded in hemicellulose complex carbohydrate which is a polymer of xylose breaks down in alkaline conditionswill be a factor when talking about vegetablesEffect of cooking on cellulose and hemicelluloseheat and water together cause softening texture changes from hard or film or crisp to softer or less firm or less crispCellulose and Hemicellulose become softerdo NOT break downAcid slows down softening process allowing fruitsvegetables to remain firmness longer
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