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Lecture 4

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University of Guelph
Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 2040
Tara Abraham

CrimeandCriminalJusticeLecture2Research DesignExplorationoNew topic little exploration setting ground work for people to do research as well start with a focus group move on to surveyDescriptionoDescribe situationsevents inform others on your info census data prime dataExplanationoWhy something is happening ex CanadaUSA in break and enters big reason is because of gun lawsModes of ObservationsExperimentsoSurvey and research qualitative data independent and dependent variables cause vs effect test to see if this variable causes somethingoPretesting and post testing to see if effect has occurred has a changed happenedoExperimental and control groups stimulusoAdvantages isolate variables and learn cause and effect can be replicated strengthen our hypothesis and confirm conclusionsoDisadvantages mostly artificial might not happen outside lab no real world experience people can skew results if they know they are being testedQuantitativeoEmpirical can be counted surveysoSurveys selectively anonymous not exactly person doing it but placeoReliability positivistic approach repeatable surveys to achieve similar results more confidence in conclusions
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