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Extensions_of_mendelian_analysis Lecture 4

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Molecular Biology and Genetics
MBG 2040
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Lecture set 4 Extensions of Mendelian AnalysisCOMPLETE vs INCOMPLETE DOMINANCEIn genetics we can have SimpleComplete Dominance where the phenotype of the heterozygote cannot be distinguished from the phenotype of the homozygous dominantsOr we can have Incomplete DominanceSemiDominancePartial Dominance where the phenotype of the heterozygote can be distinguished from the phenotype of both homozygotes Hybrids do not breed trueMULTIPLE ALLELESSome genes have many alleles some of these alleles are common while others are rareSome alleles are associated with certain breeds of varieties of plants and animalsThe frequency of a particular allele varies from population to population Ex Dominance hierarchiesEx ABO blood phenotypeLecture set 4 Extensions of Mendelian AnalysisAdded sugars serve as antigens on the surface of RBCsABType AB Blood IIThese alleles are codominanto Both alleles are fully expressed in the heterozygoteo Two distinct proteins are madeIn this case two different transferases are madeIndividuals with type AB blood are universal recipientsoThey can take type A O or BBUT they can only give blood to other AB individuals Blood typing used to be used as a form of paternity testingWe know these must be the genotypes hetero instead In one famous case some bitch type A of homo for the mother and baby because its the only claimed that Charlie Chaplan type O was way a type A mother could have a type B babythe father of her childIf the mother contributed an i allele then the father must Bhave contributed an I allele We know Charlie was type O ii so there is no way he could have been the father
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