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University of Guelph
MUSC 1060
Kimberly Francis

[ZVSW\`W TW^ ` S^ [Z S^ [ZUZ`W^bS [^V`^WW[^ [^WZ[`W__[aZVZY_ a`SZW[a_ W[VUSZTWS^ [ZWVZ SZcS_ [ZU_W^bW_S_S[ WTS_W ` W`W^aZVW^ZY\S``W^Z[XTWS`_ WS`_Y^[a\Z`[ WS_a^W_ a\Wb_$`^\W W`W^ U[a_`U_SZV T^W `UYZW__SZV[cZW__[X_[aZV TS_WV[ZX^W]aWZUZa TW^[X[_US`[Z__WU[ZV ZS U_[aVZW__SZV_[X`ZW__[X_[aZV_ TS_WV[ZS \`aVW[^_W[X_[aZVcSbW Z[`S`WV\)X[^\SZ[*+_[X`SZVX)X[^`W*+[aV T^WaZ]aW_[aZV[XWSUZ_`^a WZ` W,`a^W [Z[\[ZU[ZW_ZYW W[VUZWc`SUU[ \SZ WZ` [ [\[ZUS_ZYW W[VUZWc`SUU[ \SZ WZ`- W[V_`SZV[a` \[\[ZU a`\W W[VW_[XW]aS \[^`SZUW a_USX[^ `^WW_`^SVYW_ ^W\W``[Z bS^S`[Z U[Z`^S_` _aTaZ`_[XX[^ S^WVW_YZWVa_ZYW``W^_)WY_$--* .[^V a_UWS`[Z_\ S.[^V\SZ`ZY a_ZY a_USWW WZ`_`[/VW_U^TW0Sc[^V[^ a_US\^S_W [X`WZ`W_`^aU`a^W[X`W\[W`^ S`UW_`WX[^ [X`Wc[^1 ^W\W``[Z-_`^SVYW-SZVU[Z`^S_`_Z`W\[W`^ 2WZ^W S`SY[^_WVT\W^X[^ SZUW WVa )_[[-U[^-[^UW_`^S-_`^ZY]aS^`W`- TSZVW`U$* W`_a\W,\WU`S`[Z_Z`W_`WZW^_ ` ^VSW\`W TW^ O TWYZ_c``WXS[X`W^[ SZ_ O WZVZYc``WTWYZZZY[X`W^WZS__SZUW O a_USU^WVSZV_WUaS^XaZU`[Z_ O 2^WY[^SZUSZ` SZUS^`U[ \[_WVTSZ[Z [a_ [Z1_SZV\^W_`_ ` WZW_Z`W,`T[[1\SYW SU^WV a_U O aUW_SZVUS`WV^S_S^W`W [_` \[^`SZ`_SU^WV_`^aU`^W_ O WXWU`WV`W_`W [ZW_`[cS^VY[VSZV\[cW^[X`WUa^U`_WX O ^WS`WV a_US\W^X[^ SUW_\SUW_)S^YWc`ZU^WVTWSU[a_`U_*)Ta``[ Z_`^aU``WXS`Xa_`SZWVYS__* O S__ [_` \[^`SZ``a^Y a_USWZ`W^`SZ WZ` O S_`W_S^W [_` \[^`SZ`_WUaS^_`^aU`a^W_ O WXWU`WV \[^`SZUW_[X_WUaS^SZVc[^V\[cW^X[^^[S` O ^WS`WV[\\[^`aZ`W_X[^ a_US\W^X[^ SZUW O aW^_U[ \W`WVX[^`WTW_`U[ \[_W^_SZVS^`_`_ O [ZY_X[^ WVWbWZ`W^`SZ WZ`cW^W_aZYZ`WSZYaSYW[X`W\W[\W O a_UX[^VSZUZY_W^bWV \[^`SZ`_[USXaZU`[Z a_U _USW_[`W^`SZ S9[^SZV Z[^ \[\[Z WY`WZWVW,\^W__bW[X`W,`c` a_U _WUaS^ a_UX[^^[SSZVS^_`[U^S`UUW^W [ZW_SZVWZ`W^`SZ WZ` [`S`[Z `^SZ_ ``WV[^SaZ``W UWZ`a^ WS^W_` a_U SZa_U^\`_SZVc^``WZ[ZW,\WZ`bW\S^U WZ` \^Z`ZYW W^YWVZ`W VVW[X`W UWZ`a^ VWYS^Vb[ZZYWZ S[Xb^`aW_ S [^S`\SV^S S`WV-SWY[^-[XY[[Vb_Wb_`^aYYZY[bW^`WXS`W [XS_[a \[`UWZ`W^_S^[aZVVW_\a`WTW`cWWZ_S`SZSZVb^`aW_)US_``- a `* WSUb^`aW+XW SW_ZYW^ _S`SZ_\WS1__ZW [^SZc`WZ[`W_X^[ V`[V[Z\SZ[ ^YSZc`WZ[`W_X^[ W`[W[Z\SZ[ VSZc`WZ[`W_X^[ X`[X[Z\SZ[ ,[VSZc`WZ[`W_X^[ Y`[Y[Z\SZ[ STU[ZWZ[`W\W^_STW VYS^Vb[ZTZYWZ VWYS^Vb[ZTZYWZ [^ZZcS`_Z[ccW_`W^Z2W^ SZ`[SZ[TWXS WUS WWZWVU`ZWZaZS` SVb_[Z_SZV^WbWS`[Z_ .^`W^[Z`W[[Y WVUZWT[`SZSZVbW[X_SZ`_ a_USc[^1_U[Z__`WV[XUSZ`_X[^^WY[a__W^bUW_cU`[[1\SUW SZVWX[^_[=ZVSZ_[XWc W,U[ SYWVSZUW USZ`\^WV[ ZSZ`X[^ [X a_UZZS`bWZ[^` W^USZZVSZUa`a^W W^S^VS`\[cc[c_Z`W^`^TSYS`W^ZY_cUXWS`a^WUSZ`ZY-VSZUZY- U^SX`_ U[Z__`_[X[ZW [Z[\[ZU W[VZW_aZYT SW_ZaZ_[Z _[aZV_[X\W^Ua__[ZZ_`^a WZ`__a\\[^``W^` [X`WUSZ` b[USSTW_ WSZZYW___STW_ X[^ c`T^WXZ`^[VaU`[Z W[VVW_WZV_Y^SVaSZ`W^^SUWV_`W\_ S_WU`[Z+\^S_W_c`VWZ`USb[USTW_-_aZY` W_ _WU`[Z+[ZW_[^`W^\^S_W_aZY`cUWWZ`^W_WU`[Z_^W\WS`WV _WU`[Z^W`a^Z_^W\WS`WV` W_ ^WX[^ W^_S SW-WSYW_S_ TW[Xb`S` 2aSa WVW SUSa` =USZS`[[cWU[ \S^W SV O W,`a^W`^WWZVW\WZVWZ`b[UW_ O \\W^ [_`SU`bW O `c[b[UW_VXXUa``[V_`ZYa_aZ`_WU`[Z O bWUSZVWZUW_ O [^ O S W a_U O _`[^[XU[a^`[bW O _WUaS^_[ZY[X[bW O [a^`[bWZ`_SYW O *ZY`VWUS^W_ _WX_W^bWZ`[X_SV[bW O W^[UVWWV_V[ZWZW^[Z[^ O X[^W^WZSTW_ O W\[W`_TW[bWVSVU[ \S^WV`[ Y S[Z)c[US^bW_S_`S`aW_[ TWSa`Xa`S`WXS_Z[bWc``* O .W^WS_ Y S[Z0__`S`aWU[ W_`[XW-`_SV_S^WSVSbWTa` ^W SZ_1WS_`S`aW`[`W SZc[\^S_`[W^$ W\`W TW^ ` .^`ZYc[^1_[\ Sb[VU[Z`^SU`[Z_ TS_U\aZU`aS`[Z^aW_ ``W[X`W_[ZY=Z]a[`W_ ``W[X`WSTa Z`SU_ W ZS`W`W\S__bWb[UW c[^V^W\W``[ZZU[_W]aS^`W^_)Sb[V^W\WS`ZY`W_S Wc[^V[bW^SZV [bW^ZU[_WV]aS^`W^_ W ZS`W`WX[[cZYc[^V_X^[ [a^b[UST)ZUW-Y[[V-Z`W^W_`ZY- \[^`SZ`* [c`[a_WS_W U[[Z Z1_SU[ \W`W_WZ`WZUWc`SZ[`W^U[ \W`W_WZ`WZUW ==B== . . U[[Z[ZX`W_WU[ZVUSa_W_ZU[ \W`W WZS__SZUWWTWYZZZYCCCCCCCU`[TW^ ^V XS[X[Z_`SZ`Z[\W`[`Wa^1_-WZV[X`WTSZ`ZWW \^W)D* _U[S^_XWW`[=`S WZV[X`WY^WS`_U_ )* ZV[X`WaZV^WVWS^cS^)* [[ZS`[Z-TWYZZZYc`\SZSZV [^`aYS)[a Ta_-D-WS_` ZVW_-EZWcc[^V* -`WUWZ`a^_Sc`Wa^[\WSZWU[Z[ _`STW -ZbWZ`[Z[X`W\^Z`ZY\^W__)[``SbSZ[-\W`^aUU* -X^_`\^Z`ZY[X a_U -TWYZZZY[X`W^WX[^ S`[Z) S^`Z
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