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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

UNIT  3  pg  74-­‐95   -­‐ With the creation of the suburbs in the 1950’s a rise in the ownership of automobiles sky rocketed as people lived further from the city centers -­‐ With the rise of the automobile came the rise of the AM radio that they usually came equipped with. This helped to fuel the rise of rock and roll which was developed in the fifties and gave teenagers a chance to listen to it away from their parents control -­‐ During a time where sexuality was kept in severe check, playboy magazine was released which caused a great stir because i t is was out of norm for that time -­‐ It is believed that in the year of 1955 rock and roll began to develop into the musical category it is in today. Believed to have grown from the rhythm and blues genre, the believed primary rise to rock and roll was the rise of youth culture and emergence of independent radio along with record labels. -­‐ The beginning of rock and roll was difficult it was viewed as something just for white teenagers, a genre separate from their parents and grandparents, unfortunately it was viewed by the older generations as bad influences on young minds so it was difficult for labels to be successful -­‐ The fifties saw the rise of the disc jockey (DJ) as white teens become fascinated with rhythm and blues which was believed to be a black genre labels wanted to get this music on the air. So a man named Leo Mintz from OHIO sponsored a late night radio show hosted by Alan Freed for teenagers to listen to. -­‐ In order to get your music heard it was crucial to have it played on jukeboxes in restaurants and bars as this was the main area people were introduced to records -­‐ PAYOLA- is the term used for paying disc jockeys to play your music on the radio -­‐ Most important magazines in music history are “cashbox” and “billboard” with the charts that these magazines included it would help labels, store owners and business determine what music was popular today -­‐ One of the most successful early rockers to crossover from rhythm and blues was “Antoine “Fats” Domino”, who had giant success in the pop charts while his close associates would say he was more of a country and western singer -­‐ Chuck Berry was another large artist in the late 1950’s who had success crossing over from rhythm and blu
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