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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

UNIT 6 pg 192202 203221The term Beatlemania had been coined in the UK in 1963 to describe the reaction of British fans to the Beatles musicBritish bands did not erase all American pop acts from the charts many groups who had hit records during 1963 continued to have successBy the summer of 1965 new musical styles in American pop were emerging as a result of the crossfertilization of American styles with the Mersey beatfolk rock being the most obvious exampleFolk rock took the east strummingandsinging texture of folk and added electric guitars bass drums and occasionally keyboards to create an American musicstylistic reaction to the British invasion Emulating the Beatles and Stones guitardominated sound a slew of garage bands formed across the country most with only minimal musical skillsNY New York was the centre of the American pop music scene in the early 1960s but after 1964 much of the most popular new music emerged from LA Los AngelesFolk Rock Dylan Plugs InIn 1960 a young folksinger arrived in NY from Minnesota and within a few months Bob Dylan was playing in Greenwich Village and becoming increasingly active in the citys folk sceneby the beginning of 1964 he was one of the most respected young folksingers in the US he was a skilled performer and an even more accomplished songwriterit was common for folksingers to write their own musicDylans songs became increasingly focused on his own feelings and attempts to understand the worldAfter a successful tour in the UK in 1965 he shifted to electric instruments and made it evident in his second album in which many people felt betrayed because of his shiftThe folk music establishment continued to react negatively to Dylans use of electric instruments and he felt betrayed by their responseWhile the folk traditionalists may have believed his music had become too commercial it was Dylan who changed the mainstream approach to rock by infusing his lyrical and musical sophistication and witThe Byrds and the JingleJangle of the Electric TwelveString GuitarThe Byrds formed in LA in 1964The band rehearsed under the direction of manager Jim Dickson who taped the rehearsals and insisted that the group to listen to themselvesthe distinct jinglejangle guitar sound played a key role during which band members noticed that George Harrison was playing an electric twelvestring guitar which was not widely used in pop at that time and Harrison was playing the second one ever madeMcGuinn traded in his acoustic twelvestring for a Rickenbacker electric twelve allowing the distinctive sound of that guitar to become a Byrds hallmarkThe Byrds initially made their mark with rock versions of folk songsThe Byrds Dylan the Beach Boys and the Music BusinessThe Byrds recording of Mr Tambourine Man represents a point of convergence for several elements of the music businessthe seriousness of the Byrds brand of folk rock
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