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Unit 6 summary

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MUSC 2150

Unit 6 Folk RockCovach Reading notes pg 190201 1965 new musical styles in American pop were emerging because American styles and Mersey beat were merging together Folk rock was the most obvious responseFolk rock took easy strumming and singing texture and added Beatleslike electric guitars bass drums and sometimes keyboards Imitation of the Beatles an Stones guitar dominated sound garage bands formed Many folk rockers came from New York to LA and by 1965 Hollywood television was getting into the picture The Brits were having a lot of success in the music businessAmerican bands were taking a lot of success in music and were high on the charts because they were imitating the English Bob Dylan emerged in the folk scene Most respected folk singer in US in 1964His third album and fourth did really well that made him one of the most respected folksingers of this period Common for folksingers to write their own musicDylan took a break from folk tradition and this made consequences for popular musicAfter hearing The Byrds version of his song Tambourine Man he decided torenew electrifying his musico These electric numbers were resistedo Folk fans felt betrayed by Dylan when he used electric instruments o Folk fans criticized him in their folk circles for turning more into pop music tho He used his song Positively 4 street to point a finger at the folk establishment he felt unfairly criticized him This song is a simple verse form with 12 verses and 8 measure harmonic patterno Even with Dylans motorcycle accident his music and lyrics still influenced musiciansDylans music showed pop that music could address more than just teenage romance and leisure concerns Dylans music showed his emotions towards issue of wars and protestThe ByrdsRoger McGuinn worked as a Brill Building songwriter for Bobby Darin Headed to LA where he played sets mixing folk with Beatles songs He met Gene Clark and they wrote songs together David Crosby then joined their group and Chris Hillman blue grass mandolin player joined and played bass along with Michael Clarke on drumsWent from a folk vocalharmony act to a rock band
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