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Lecture 3

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesthLecture 3 January 24 2012What is Blues ContdHokum blues Lyrical naughty blues that emphasized risky topics such as sex akin to Rock and RollMusical elements include call and response improvisation 12 bar blues raspy harsh timbre and sexual misadventure topics Musical Example Big Joe TurnerShake Rattle and RolloLyrics display complaints about a woman who doesnt do enough around then house and who dresses in a slutty manneroShake Rattle and Roll is a metaphor for describing having sexoPossesses TPA elements 12 bar blues format AAB polished vocalsoThere is a loss of emotion due to less harsh timbreClassic Blues urban More middle class appealing to wealthier classes and featured as entertainment in clubs and theatresMore stylized polished and professionalCan be 12 bar blues but can also pull elements from TPAMostly sung by women and accompanied by a small bandBand usually consisted of 3 instruments to keep the rhythm including drums bass and guitarpiano Brass instruments such as trombone and trumpets were also commonPossessed call and response elements between the singer and instrumentsThis form of blues is more structured than Hokum keeping vocal improvisation within metreMusical Example Howlin wolfEvilo12 bar blues AAB formoUrban blues in the 50soImprovisation between instrumentsoThere is a rhythm section drums guitar bassoCall and responseRhythm in blues The result of mixing genres such as blues country western and TPA This was primarily listened to by blacks but it wasnt long before white audiences began listeningMusical Example Jackie Brenston and His Delta CatsRocket 88
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