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Lecture 5

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesLecture 5 February 7 2012The British InvasionIt is now the early 60sThere are civil rights movements and advances in womens rightsWomens rights are enhanced in three ways1Oral contraceptives are made available2There is the passing of the equity wage act men wageswomen wages3There is the passing of the civil rights act in 1964Martin Luther King Jr was a social rights activist at the time and spoke out against racism and discrimination His famous speech I have a dream called for racial equality He also spoke of poverty and openly opposed the Vietnam WarIn 1968 Martin Luther King Jr is assassinatedThe Jim Crow laws were made irrelevant due to the enactment of the civil rights actMandatory literacy tests for voting were liftedThe Black Panther Party was militant activist group and possessed a end justifies the means mentalityThis party rallied for an end to police brutality and asked for guaranteed income minimum wage and a unified healthcare systemThere were frequent clashes with police yet this party encouraged mo
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