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Lecture 2

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesthLecture 2 January 17 2012Industrial revolution 75 of rural populations moved towards the cities Age of mass productionTrade unionism and labour movements became byproducts of this revolutionThe red scare in the united statesThere was a fear that trade unionists were communist revolutionistsThese unionists displayed the notion that the wealth should be shared by all This was a socialist idea and American republicans feared this idea could spread like a plague in America as it did in RussiaThis was a time where the working class was up against the middle and upper classes and this feud was reflected in the music of the era ie Blues and Country for the lower classes and Tin Pan Alley for the upper classesBluescountry was an authentic form of music that reflected the background of the artist while Tin Pan Alley was mostly of the sheet music form required knowledge of how to read music and play instruments and featured unrealistic romantic loveDuring this tim
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