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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture Notes Lecture 8 Continuation March 6th 2012Hippies Culture Music in the 60sHippie cultures raison dtre in the late 1960s was to challenge the tenets of mainstream society through 1950s beat literature Eastern spirituality and experimentation with drugs The hippies began to change the basic unit of recorded music from the song to the album They came to prize the singersongwriter artistic approach to music over the Brill Building productionline model Artists showed an interest in blending elements of classical music especially the modernist avantgarde techniques with pop and rock music There is also rise virtuoso musician who is almost always a guitarist and almost always male While the virtuoso performer has been a feature of classical music for hundreds of years the rise of the virtuoso in rock may also have been an influence of jazz another genre that prizes technical and expressive excellence in its performersStudio Rivalry the Beach Boys vs the BeatlesMusic Example The Beach BoysGood Vibrations oProduced by Brian WilsonoThis song is an example of psychedelic popoInstrumental elements include the Jews harp also called the jaw harp and the electro theremin oThe electro theremin is a box that produces a simple sine wave electronically The sine waves volume is controlled by a knob on the box and the pitch is controlled with a slide that runs along a rod oThe sound of an electro theremin is similar to another electronic instrument the theremin but the control of pitch and volume is very different switchoThe song was created by splicing together different tapes of recorded material Using prerecorded material and manipulating it through splicing the tape was a technique in use by avantgarde artmusic composers since the 1950s also done with Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles oThe technique creates sounds that cannot be reproduced live moving a groups endeavours away from touring and into the studioMusic Example The BeatlesA Day in the Life oThis song is another example of psychedelicpopoIt is a compound ABA form A compound formis a form within form ie each section A B and A is subdividedby a smaller form The use of compound forms is very common in classical or art music
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