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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesthLecture 11 March 271970s rockThere were very few labels in the 70s At this point most independent labels had been swallowed up by major players in the industryThe main genre of music promoted by these major labels was rock musicThe industry was not about creating art but solely for creating profitLabels would sign older proven groups to lengthy contracts to produce consecutive successful albums Led Zeppelin The Rolling StonesThis ideology led to a homogenous sound in the music market similar to the Tin Pan Alley eraMainstream rock made up 80 of the music released and was known as corporate rocrock music created solely to make musicConcurrently there was also an increase in record pricing extra 2 which was highly criticized by the publicThe public came to portray major labels as corporate fat catsDespite the public discontent corporate records still sold wellAt this point in time 1971 highfidelity HiFi cassette tapes were accessible to the publicAmbitious wouldbe musicians began using this new technology as a cheap method to record their own musicThis helped created many underground music movements punk new wave and rapThese tapes also however allowed for the pirating of albums which drained profits from artists and labels Roots of PunkIn the1960s there was a movement against progressive and corporate rockProgressive rock was seen by many as too artsy and pretentious while corporate rock was interpreted as fake and driven by profitThis movement largely remained on the fringe of society in the US were it began however it would become more popular in the UKThe economic depression was far more severe in Britain and thus the audiences were much more sympathetic Punk CulturePunk music and culture belonged to the lower unemployed classes Wild clothing and look Mohawks tight black clothing the general homeless person lookDo it yourself attitudeAgainst the hippie aestheticMusic does not have to be polished artsy deeply meaningful commercially successfulAnticommercial ideologySupports gendersocial equality
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