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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Music and Popular Culture Lecture NotesrdLecture 12 April 3 2012Lecture 11 RecapRecord companies consisted of a few conglomeratesPiracy became an issueRecession resulted in angst amongst the British population resulting in the Punk movementBoomers turned into their 30s no more purchasing powerMIDI allowed for the communication between electronicsThere was a switch to the compact disk a new format that was more durable and more difficult for piracy to occurMusic Television MTVMTV emerged in the 80s through cable TV practically everyone at this point in time had cable TVIt was created by Robert Pittman and was owned by Warner and important record labelThis was the first every 24 hour music video television channelRecord labels saw MTV as a way to market their musicThey also attempted to sell their music videos but this quickly proved to be unsuccessful due to the unrealistic prices set by the labelsIn all MTV allowed record labels to package and promote an image of their performersThey targeted suburban white communities and most of the acts featured on the channel were initially whiteThere were very few black acts The few acts featuring black artists were often featured late at night 200AM and were nonAmerican artistsThere was a discriminatory and racist claim against MTV by the public and this was answered with Michael Jackson who broke down this racial barrierHis album Thriller was an album that topped the charts for almost two whole years after its releaseHe also upped the anti of music video qualityMusic Example Michael JacksonThriller Music VideooProduced in 1983 yet the production values still hold up to todays standardsoBrilliant marketing as zombies and werewolves were very popular in the 80sthe video reflects the cheesy Bflick horror movies released en masse at the timeoAmazing special effects are featured directed by John Landis Director of An American Werewolf in LondonoThe opening sequence of the video is set in the 50s as the 1950s in the 80s instilled nave nostalgiaoThe graveyard sequence is voiced over by Vincent Price a popular villain in several horror flicks in the 60s and 70she was a horror movie icon to teens in the 80s
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