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Lecture Week 1

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

MUSC*2150 Week 1 What is popular music?  Heard by majority  Can have longevity; depends on the era (e.g. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Elvis Presley)  Can be an element of a larger social culture  Must be commercially successful  Easy to relate to  Can be an element of nostalgia, if it has longevity  Constantly evolving, never frozen HMV- His Master’s Voice dog listening to record (picture) Heavy Metal  Fans are Caucasian (white)  Drug/alcohol abuse  Blue collar  working class Rap  Rappers are black  Mostly men Distributed along racial, gender, socioeconomic…. Music Terms Timbre – color of sound; poetic  E.g. bright, mournful, delicate, smooth, raw Tempo – speed Homophony – there is one important melodic line and all other parts act as a company Polyphony – there can be more than 1 important melodic line occurring at the same time Polyrhythmic – more than 1 important rhythmic line  E.g. in Latin American music (rumba, pasa doble) Beat – recurring rhythmic pulse throughout the song Meter – recurring accent within the beats of a song  2 types: 1. Simple – just one recurring pulse. Can be in duple pattern or triple pattern.  Duple simple (2/4 or 4/4 time).  Triple simple (3/4 time) 2. Compound – 2 meters going on at the same time. 2 meters stuck
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