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Lecture 5

Lecture Week 5

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 5 British invasion -Early 60’ Women’s Rights  3 important events in US: allows women more freedom and economic power 1. Oral contraceptives (the pill) in 1960. Canada followed in 1969. RESULT: women were waiting longer before having children / making a family. Giving them a chance to further their education and start a career. Pill birth rate drops. 2. Passing of the equity pay act in 1963. Act prohibited wage differences between men and women for the same work. 3. Passage of the Civil Rights act in 1964. (also important to civil rights movement in US). Prohibits race, gender, ethnicity… Martin Luther King Junior  Civil Rights activist. Advocates non-violent protests  In 1963, he participated on Lincoln Memorial and gave his speech “I had a dream”  Was assassinated in 1968. National Voting Rights Act  Outlawed literacy test for letting people vote Black Panther Party (1966)  Demand an end for … *something+… against coloured people. Socialists:  Asking for: national health care, minimum income and employment.  They did make a few changes – more blacks in police enforcement, Britain was behind the US when it comes to music. Brian Epstain: clean cut, looked nice, innocent. Beatles  Early Beatles sounds like (American) 50’s Rock and Roll  I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles o Hand clapping from girl groups o Bits of 3-part harmony (from doo-wop and girl groups) o Form: [ A A B A], like Tin Pan Alley  Beatles were bringing back R&R. Beatles were intriguing, and Americans found British music fascinating (all over again). Why? Because Canada and America were once British colonies  Beatles came to North America in 1964  reflected a lot of movements in North American culture.  Went through psychedelic phase (songs were written while they were under the influence of nd drugs). This coincides with writing lyrics with more substance  Learned that from 2 Wave Folk Revival & North Americans  After their first phase, they became rebellious like the hippies at the time. So instead of writing music to fit in, they started writing stronger lyrics.  Beat poets and somehow lead the psychedelic phase.  Used Sitar in their music. Eastern Music  Listened to ‘process of the music’ not the ‘final goal’. (Like a story?)  About harmony, round  Eastern generation  picked by baby boomers-hippie o Times are bad, teenage rebellion Beatles  new timbre; parts of tapes of different sounds, mixed into 1 tape and played backwards.  Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles o Not a so
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