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Lecture Week 7

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 6 Black Popular Music in the 60’s  2 phenomenon are influential – rise of Motown & the rise of southern soul o They occurred at the same time as the rise in the civil rights movement.  Motown pop includes elements from TPA, Rock and Roll, Brill Building music, haven’t heard a lot of saxophones (mainly used in electric blues and jazz)  Founded by Berry Gordy o Lessons he gives: appeal to middle class. For example speech to get rid of regional dialect, dancing,  The Way You Do the Things You Do – The Temptations o Background singers o House band (sound is homogenous, bass is loud…) o Music is non-controversial and not very poetic o Brill Building music, girl group tradition : hand clapping, o Timbre is round and beautiful (comes from TPA), they are well-trained, can sing. Not as interchangeable as brill building music o Producer is Smokey Robinson o Constructed image, to not threaten white middle class: no zoot suit, no pompadour,  The Supremes also took classes like The Temptations  Baby Love –The Supremes o House Band sound o Diana Ross can sing much better than The Ronettes o Bits from mainstream TPA, o Covering up hokum blues by making it seem innocent BABY love…non-controversial o Pop music o Still have call & response, o 12 bar blues pattern o Regional dialect is missing, (compare to “Evil”) Outtro apparently doesn’t exist, it’s called a Coda. o Detroit soul was the rougher edge of Motown Pop compared to The Temptations and The Supremes o Vocals are more improvisatory, more gospel than TPA, timbre is rougher, saxophones are prominent and give a gritty sound. o Nowhere to Run – Martha and the Bandellas  Call and response  Non-controversial lyrics  Dressed in cocktail dresses, proper  Saxophones present o Southern Soul reflects the struggles of the time, and sometimes very explicitly o We see the roots of funk and hip hop o Centered aroun
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