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Lecture 6

Lecture Week 6

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 6 Beginning of Folk Rock & America’s response to folk rock  Folk-ies don’t want to be associated with Rock o Performers of rock lacked authenticity and talent. They didn’t like the way it was produced o Rock is about sex. Folk is about love, peace, political, old stories, NOT about sex.  Bob Dylan liked the idea of folk rock. Resented his ostracisation  Folk music takes lyrics seriously. Folk rock retained that aspect. Folk revival influence rock landscape with having thoughtful lyrics. th  Positively 4 Street – Bob Dylan o What’s rock about it : organ riff (blues-based British rock), rebellious, angry, o Electric guitar, organ, finger cymbals, drums, piano, bass? o What’s folk about it: form [A A A A], melody is boring, he steps out of time a lot with the vocals (draw attention to lyrics). Simple verse form. o Lyrics are about: calling folks hypocrites, folk is supposed to be democratic, not elitist, which is what folk have become.  Elitist folks rejected electric guitar, but others liked the mix of electric guitar and folk. 
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