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Lecture Week 11

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 11 Late ‘70’s and ‘80’s Music corporation records prices are increasing. 1971, cassette tapes were made to the mass markets  some used it to pirate albums. Punk, New Wave, Rap Punk Late 1960’s  movement in US ; musicians against progressive rock, and corporate rock. Movement was against everything in dominant culture Punk began in the US, didn’t become popular until it was in Britain. Music and culture belonged to lower, unemployed classes. Punk culture:  Do it yourself attitude.  Doesn’t have to be polished (some artists were).  Doesn’t have to be artsy (some artists were).  Doesn’t have to be deeply meaningful  Doesn’t have to be commercially successful  Managed to maintain its anti-commercial essence after it became popular.  Opposed class structures Punk is a cultural phenomenon, involves ideas, politics, dress (fashion), Punk artists that were active during 70’s and 80’s were mainly women. Jamaica became independent in 1962; was a British colony before that. Reggae plays a role here, immigration to Britain, which is how reggae made it to Britain. In some streams of punk, there is a strong reggae sound. Voacls are often scream or spoken, if melody is sung then timbre is nasal, lyrics are controversial. Search and Destroy – The Stooges (1973)  Angry; same year man got pulled out of Vietnam. Men who fought in the Viet war weren’t honored.  Mess; mix of vocals and instruments.  Lack of attention to detail. I Wanna be Sedated – The Ramones  ‘sick bubble-gum music’  Very simple  back to basics notion  No solo  Repetitive  Ramones have something to do with pre 1960’s rock. Before it became a corporate commodity Sex Pistols  Name is shocking, male sexuality  Offend the
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