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NROB60 Study Package Week 4 Homira OsmanWeek 4 Lecture May 27 2008Lecture TopicsLecture IVReadings The Cytoskeleton Pages 3538 4041Lecture Summaries L4Different Child Brain Part 1o httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvhkzhl7kE20Child Brain Part 2o httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvYrzE2I1fb0MThe Cytoskeletono Scaffolding A flexible changeable scaffoldIt gives the neuron its characteristic shapeo Extends throughout the cytoplasm o Some fibers are permanent o Most fibers are synthesized or disassembled according to the cells needs o The bones of the cytoskeleton are the microtubules microfilaments and neurofilamentso Elements of the cytoskeleton are dynamically regulated and are very likely in continual motion NROB60 Study Package Week 4 Homira OsmanThe Cytoskeleton 5 important functions o I Cell shapeProvides mechanical strength Helps determine the shape of the cell o II Internal organizationStabilize the positions of organellesDynamic changing from moment to moment in response to cells needs o III Intracellular transportTransport materials into the cell Transport materials within the cytoplasm railroad track o IV Assembly of cells into tissuesConnect to fibres in extracellular space Link cells together and to supporting material outside of cellsMechanical strength and allow transfer of information o V MovementMigration of white blood cells extension of nerve cells allow movement of cilia an flagella Microtubules 20 nm in diameterBigRun longitudinally down neurites Appears as a straight thickwalled hollow pipeComposed of smaller strands of tubulin braided together pearls on a stringFormed through polymerizationRegulated by various signals o Eg microtubuleassociated proteins MAPs neuron specific type TAUAnchor the microtubules to one another and to other parts of the neuronMicrofilaments 5 nm in diameter small same thickness as plasma membraneThroughout neuron but more numerous in neurites Two thin strands of ACTIN protein braided togetherFormed through polymerizationConstantly undergoing assembly and disassemblyRegulated by signals in the neuronRunning longitudinally down the core Anchored to the membrane by attachments with a meshwork of fibrous proteins that line the inside of the membrane like a spider webNeurofilaments Intermediate10 nm in diameterExist in all cells as intermediate filaments only called neurofilaments in neuronsComposed of multiple subunits linked togetherAppears as a straight thickwalled hollow pipeComposed of three protein strands woven together
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