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University of Guelph
NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

Nutrition  science that studies how food nourishes our bodies, influences health  one of several factors contributing to health  affects everyone  Beware of nutrition misinformation  ppt lecture 1 pg 10  Why do we eat the foods we eat?  culture  religion  eg avoidance of pork  values/beliefs  vegetarians  social  Convenience  Advertising  Availability  Economy  Emotional comfort  Habit  Personal Preference  Positive associations  associate with a celebrity who does something  Weight/body image consciousness  Nutritional Value  Appetite  Hunger  Appetite  psychological desire to eat specific foods  pleasant sensation associated with food  influenced by:  psychological factors  brain compounds (endorphins)  inborn appetites  Some Health conditions  cancer takes away appetite  diabetes gives appetite  Medication/Drugs  Hunger  physiological sensation in response to a need for food  unpleasant/negative sensation  influenced by  brain  blood glucose levels  Hormones o such as neuropeptide Y, Galanin (stimulate hunger) hormones such as leptin and cholecystokinin (stimulate fullness)  Amount and type of food we eat o more fibre and fluid make you eat less o weight loss should eat whole foods instead of juice  Exercise  What is a Nutritious Diet?  Provides proper combination of nutrients and energy and is adequate, moderate, varied and balanced  Nutrients  Chemicals found in foods, critical to human growth and function  Include:  Carbohydrate, fat protein (energy-containing macronutrients) o need them in grand amounts  Vitamins, minerals (non energy containing or yielding micronutrients)  Water  What Is Energy  Amount of energy in food that can be supplied to body  measured in kilocalories o eg medium apple has 110 kcals  Obtained from energy containing macronutrients  carbohydrate (4kc
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