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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

Lecture 2 Jan 13 pg 31 on ppt What Food Am I?  201 Kcals  2.6 g of protein  37 g carbs  0.6 g fibre  20 mg calcium  2mg iron 203 mg sodium  poptart!  Tolerable Upper Level (UL)  highest avg daily nutrient intake level likely to pose no risk of adverse health effects to almost all individuals in a particular life stage and gender group  not easy to exceed or meet upper level of group food  easy to do it through supplements  to exceed upper level of vitamin c (2000 mg) you’d need pretty much a billion glasses of orange juice in a day Fluorosis  starts as white patches on the teeth, gradually turns brown  not just a cosmetic issue  turns into skeletal fluorosis Estimated Energy Requirement (EER)  average dietary energy intake predicted to maintain energy balance in healthy adults  defined by age, gender, weight, height, physical activity ********PAGE 38 OF PPT OR TABLE 1.3 IN TEXT*********   Canadas Food Guide  veggies and fruit  F: 7-8, M 8-10 servings  125 ml (1/2 cup) fresh/frozen/canned veg or fruit or 100% juice  250 ml (1 cup) leafy raw veg or salad  1 medium sized piece of fruit  At least 1 dark green and 1 orange veg per day  Eg broccoli, kale, salad greens, sweet potato apricots, mango  orange because they have anti oxidants  Veg and fruit more often than juice  Grain Products  F: 6-7 M: 8 servings  1 slice of bread or 1/2 bagel  125 ml (1/2 cup) cooked rice, pasta, couscous  30 g (1 cup) cold cereal  Each day, half of grain intake should be whole grain (oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain bagel)  white is taking out nutrition and is just pure carbohydrates  more fiber and nutrients in whole grain
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