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Nutrition 4

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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

 high amounts of Vitamin A make polar bear liver toxic to humans What Happens to the Food We Eat?  Digestion, absorption & elimination  In one end and out the other  Related disorders  FIGURE 3.4 – Overview of Gastrointestinal Tract  Digestion  Process by which foods are broken down either mechanically or chemically  Absorption  Process of taking products of digestion from gastrointestinal (GI) tract into the bloodstream or lymph system DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION ARE NOT THE SAME  Elimination  Process by which undigested and unabsorbed portions of food and waste products are removed from body   Digestion  Chewing initiates mechanical digestion  Breaks food into smaller components, mixes nutrients together   Saliva moistens food and initiates chemical digestion  Salivary amylase starts carbohydrate digestion   Products of this digestion move down esophagus with the help of peristalsis  Squeezing and pushing contractions that move food in one direction through GI tract   The Stomach  Lower esophageal sphincter allows food to pass to stomach (cylinder at top of stomach)  The stomach has the strongest muscles of all the digestive tract organs  Protein digestion is another one of the stomachs main functions CHYME = the mush that you find at the bottom of your stomach, where it sits and waits for the Pyloric sphincter to move it into the upper lower intestine (3 times a minute)   Stomach mixes, digests and holds food  Secretes gastric juice  hydrochloric acid activates pepsin o highly acidic  Gastric lipase (begins chemical digestion of dietary fat)  Mucus (protects stomach from digesting itse
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