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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

 Disorders Related to Digestion, Absorption and Elimination   Heartburn  Some people secrete too much hydrochloric acid (HCI), or lower esophageal sphincter opens too soon  Result:  HCI regurgitated into esophagus  Problem  Unlike the stomach, esophagus not coated by mucus and is therefore unprotected  HCI causes burning   Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)  Affects 13% of Canadians  Many have overly relaxed or damaged lower esophageal sphincter  A more painful type of heartburn  Occurs more than 2x/week  Some have no heartburn, but may have:  Chest pain  Feeling like food stuck in throat  Hoarseness in the morning   Causes of heartburn/GERD  Smoking  Higher rates of heartburn  Relaxes lower esophageal sphincter  Alcohol  Can make GERD worse if you have it  Pregnancy  Baby is pressing on stomach  Stomach contents will go up into esophagus  Usually complain around 3 trimester about heartburn  Foods such as citrus fruit, chocolate, caffeine, fried foods, garlic, onion, spicy foods, tomato based foods  Large, high fat meals  Fat sits on top of stomach content – goes back up esophagus  Lying down too soon after eating  Overweight/obesity can contribute  Same reason as pregnant women – pressing on stomach  Managing Heartburn/GERD  Avoid trigger foods o If citrus products triggers heartburn, avoid them  Eat smaller meals o Big meals take up a lot of room in stomach  Drink between, not with meals o If you drink with meal, you expand gastric content  Avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol, coffee  When you burp you have the lower esophageal sphincter opening up  Caffeine and alcohol can be very irritating to tissue  Wait 3 hours after eating to lie down; raise head of bed  Stop smoking  Lose weight if overweight  Wear loose fitting clothing  Tight belt will press on stomach  Avoid constipation  Can back up your intestines  When you sit on the toilet and your constipated you strain, which puts pressure on your stomach  Medications (e.g. antacids) Food Allergy  An allergic reaction to food, caused by activation of immune system o 8% of children, 1-2% of adults  Can affect many body systems o Skin (hives, swelling, contact dermatitis) o GI (vomiting, diarrhea) o Respiratory (anaphylaxis)  Your trachea (airway) can close off  Typically caused by hypersensitivity to the “Big Eight” o Peanuts  common cause of anaphylaxis o Soy beans  Common in infants and children o Fish  Most common food allergy in adults
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