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NUTR 1010
Jess Haines

Calcium - A major mineral we need __ per day; most abundant mineral in the body and it makes up __ of our body weight. - 99% of calcium in stored in bones; critical part of hydroxyapatite crystals that provide strength to the bones. Electrolyte: other 1% of calcium is in the blood as an electrolyte; it regulates heartbeat, blood clotting, normal functioning of nervous system, muscle contraction and relaxation; the body controls blood levels of calcium closely. Deficiency Your body will take what it needs from your bones and the blood level will not change but your bones will weaken. How Much? RDA’s from DRI’s for Calcium: Age Men Women 13-18 1300mg/d 1300mg/d 19-50 1000mg/d 1000mg/d 51-70 1000mg/d 1200mg/d 70+ 1200mg/d 1200mg/d Sources of Calcium - Milk and milk products are number one source of calcium in Canadian diet (calcium fortified orange juice, soy milk) - fish eaten with bones (canned salmon, sardines) - Tofu - Some nuts (almonds) and seeds (sesame) - Dark green veggies (kale, bok choy, broccoli) Food Serving Calcium Absorption Amount per rate (%) of calcium serving
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