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Lecture 4

NUTR1010 Week 4

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NUTR 1010
Laura E Forbes

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WEEK 4 Nutrition Wednesday, October 2nd Today.. What are lipids? What are the different types? • Triglycerides, phospholipids, sterols • What molecules are they made of? • How does structure affect function? • What foods are they in? What are lipids? • A large group of molecules that are not soluble in water • What makes things soluble in water? • --> water is a polar molecule, lipids are a non polar molecule (carbon chain) • --> polar molecules attract polar molecules What lipids do we eat? • Triglycerides - 95% of dietary lipid • --> usually what we're talking about when we say "fat" • Phospholipids • --> make up cell membranes • Sterols • --> eg, cholesterol Triglycerides 1. We eat triglycerides and store our body fat as triglycerides 2. 1 glycerol molecule "glycerol backbone" 3. 3 fatty acids (long hydrophobic chains of carbon and hydrogen) Fatty Acids • Different fatty acids give triglycerides different properties • Fatty acids can differ in length, saturation, and shape Fatty Acids of Different Lengths *Short chain fatty acids 2. Fewer than 6 carbon atoms *Medium chain fatty acids • 6-12 carbons *Long chain fatty acids 3. 13 or more carbons Fatty Acid Length Affects • How it is digested and processed in the body • function in the body • properties before/when you eat it Fatty acids with different saturation • Saturated (SFA) = no double bonds • Unsaturated = 1 or mor
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