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NUTR 1010

Nutrition 1010WHAT is nutrition The science that studies how food nourishes our bodies and influences our health The only science that combineso Biology chemistry biochemistry physiology anatomy genetics psychology behavioural science sociology WHY is nutrition importantOne of several factors contributing to healthA nutritious diet can prevent some diseases and reduce risk for others A poor diet canrisk for some health diseasesheath conditionsWHOdoes nutrition affectEVERYONEo From womb to tombo All stages of health and sickness o Every country around the worldo U of Guelph undergradsHOW can I figures out my nutrient needsUse the dietary reference intakes DRINutrition AdviceWHOM can you trustTrustworthy experts are educatedcredentialed eg RD Registered DietitianProfessional organizations provide reliable nutrition informationCanadian Nutrition informationGovernment sources eg Health CanadaPeer reviewed journals eg American Journal of Clinical NutritionUniversity textbooks What aboutNutritionistsMDs NDsInternet o Be wary of com o Does the website provide a public information service of is it selling a product o Credentials of authoro When was the website last updatedMagazines newspapersJanuary 11 2012 Why do we eatHungerEnergy Preference
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