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Lecture 4

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NUTR 1010

stFebruary 1 The skinny on fat What is fatPart of a larger group of substances called lipids o Insoluble in waterFat comes in different forms o Triglycerides o Phospholipids o Sterols95 of dietary fat and body fat is made up of triglycerides whether its the fat we eatbuttermargarine or our body fat triglycerides is the majority of body fatTriglycerides are made up of 3 fatty acids 3 of them come out of glycerol backboneGlycerol is the backbone to which fatty acids attach Fatty acids are classified by chain length saturation and shapeLength refers to number of C in fatty acids attached to glycerol3 ways to classify the length to fatty acids o Shortchain fatty acids 6 Carbon atoms o Mediumchain 612 Carbon atoms o Longchain 14 or over Carbon atoms Fatty acids are classified by chain length saturation and shapeIn Canada we consume too much saturated fats we want to increase our consumption of monosaturated and polyunsaturated fatsSaturated fatty acid o No double bonds all carbon atoms saturated with hydrogen o Solid butter beef fat or liquid coconut oil cream at room temperatureMonounsaturated fatty acid want to increase o 1 double bond o Liquid at room temperature olive oil canola oil oil in cashew nutsPolyunsaturated fatty acid want to increase o 2 or more double bonds o Liquid at room temperature canola corn and safflower oils Fatty acids are classified by chain length saturation and shapeDiagramCis polyunsaturated fatty acidTrans polyunsaturated fatty acid The other 5 is in part made up of phospholipidsComposed of 2 fatty acids a glycerol backbone and phosphateSoluble in waterHelp maintain cell membranesDiagramsFigure 54 Slide 12 If you didnt have phospholipids you wouldnt have anything to keep the structure of your cellsGarden Slide 12 Gate is the phospholipidGarden is the cytoplasm
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