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Nutrition Week 8 March 7 2012 Other Food Groups Coffee Tea and Alcohol The most commonly consumed beverages worldwide are in order 1 Water 2 Tea 3 Coffee In Canada the order is 1 Water 2 Coffee3 Tea How much coffee do Canadians consume63 of adults drink coffee everyday o Depends on where in Canada you liveo Compared to 49 of American An average of 26 cups per day o Men drink slightly more then womenPercentages in Canadians 61 of BC70 Quebec60 Ontario 53 AtlanticCommon to tea and coffeeCaffeineMostly commonly consumed drug worldwideNatural Alkaloid in tea coffee beans cocoa beans and 60 other plantsCentral nervous system stimulantso Feel alert and energized Health Canada recommends no more that 400 mg caffeineday for adults o No more than 300 mgd for pregnant women Caffeine content of selected beverages Product Ounces Caffeine mg Black tea 8 49 Green tea8 30 Brewed coffee 8 135 Espresso 1 35 Tall12 260 Grande 16 330 Venti 12 514 Tim Hortons8 8Pepsi 825 CocaCola 8 31Consumption of 400 mg caffeine per day associated with
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