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University of Guelph
NUTR 1010

thMarch 12 No Bones About it Nutrients Involved in Bone HealthIntroduction to Bones 3 general concepts about bonesBones are dynamic living organsHave many important roles in the bodyImportant to maintain healthy bones Functions of Bones Structure and Support Metabolic Processes Structural support for organs and body Storage reservoir for minerals segments Protect vital organs Production of blood cells in bone marrow Muscle support for movementBone Consists of65 mineralsHardness o HydroxyapatiteCalcium and phosphorus crystals35 organic substancesStrength and Flexibility o Collagen a fibrous protein Nutrients Involved in Bone Health Major Roles Minor Roles Calcium Vitamin K Vitamin D Vitamin A Phosphorus ProteinFluoride Bone Development Growth Modeling Remodeling Determines bone size Determines bone SHAPE Maintains bone INTEGRITY Begins in womb Longitudinal growth Recycling Continues until early Continues until early Bone resorptionchildhood adulthood formation Adulthood Process of Bone RemodelingBone Resorption o Breakdown of bone by osteoclastsSecrete enzymes and acids to erode bone surface o Minerals released into the bloodstreamBone Formation o Formation of bone by osteoblastsBuild collagen matrix Peak Bone MassHighest amount attained during the years of normal bone growth o End of adolescence versus late 20s
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