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Lecture 1

NUTR 2050 Lecture 1: Principles of the Nutrition - week 1

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NUTR 2050
Hannah Tait Neufeld

Chapter 1 pages 234 Nutri 2050 week 1 By the end of Unit 01, you should be able to: 1. Define nutrition terms: malnutrition, nutritional risk, nutrigenomics and food security 2. Identify the various components of the Dietary Reference Intakes as nutrition standards. 3. Recognize the tools designed to help guide Canadians food choices (i.e., Eating Well with Canadas Food Guide, Nutrition Facts Table) 4. Explain the factors that influence food intake as illustrated in the socialecological model and how this model can be applied in various ages and stages in life 5. Recognize where information and specifically research evidence comes from; how to find good evidence. Principles of the Nutrition IMPORTANT 1) food is a basic need of humans 2) food provides energy in kilocalories, nutrients, and other substances needed for growth and health 3) Health problem related to nutrition originate within cells 4) Poor nutrition can result from both inadequate and excessive levels of nutrient intake 5) Humans have adaptive mechanism for managing fluctuations in food intake 6) Malnutrition can result from poor diets and from disease states, genetic factors, or combinations of these causes 7) Some groups of people are at higher risk of becoming inadequately nourished than others 8) Poor nutrition can influence the development of certain chronic diseases 9) Adequacy, variety and balance are key characteristics of a healthy diet 10)There are no good or bad foods
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