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Lecture 2

NUTR 2050 Lecture 2: Week 2 Wednesday jan 10

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NUTR 2050
Hannah Tait Neufeld

Nutri 1010 week 2 Monday Jan.20th 2016 1,2,3,4 chapters for midterm up to carbo hydrates Goals for today: 1. Be familiar with organs of digestive tract and what they do 2. Describe wherehow digestion happens a. Friday is about absorption and elimination Tips for healthy eating out Plan ahead Look at nutritional information on line Avoid o Anything deep fried o Apps, foods with lots of cheese and salt o Salad dressing overload (order dressing on the side o Sweet drinks and ___ o Large portion sizes Go for o Grilled lean meats like chicken, filet mignon, pork chops o Plain baked potato and steamed veggies for sides o Skim milk in coffee drinksskip the whip! o Vegetarian meals with whole grains and legumes If youre going to indulge o Make it a onceinawhile treat o Only eat half of the portion Share with others have half packed up before you get your plate o Share 1 dessert or appetizer between MANY friends o Choose 1 healthy part and 1 indulgence Digestion 3 functions: 1. Digestion a. Breaking food into tiny pieces 2. Absorption a. Moving tiny pieces from the inside of your intestines in blood stream 3. Excretion a. Getting rid of the waste
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