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NUTR 2050
Simone Holligan

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Sarah Murphy 0715438 NUTR 2050 – Reaction Paper 1 In the article “Physical activity and television watching in relation to semen quality in young men”, the research question asked is: Is there a relationship between physical activity and television (TV) watching on sperm restriction in young, healthy men between the ages of 19 and 22. This research questions is extremely relevant to the research article. The authors of the article hypothesized that increased physical activity is associated with higher sperm count, concentration and motility (ability for movement), and a lower portion of morphologically abnormal sperm. Also, increased TV watching time is associated with decreased semen quality restriction. In my opinion, this study was well designed. The sample size was quite large, a total of 389 potential participants contacted the study, and only 222 men were eligible to actually participate in the study. There is no way to test sperm limitation and restriction using women, so the balance of genders was off, as it was, obviously, all men, in which 81.5% were Caucasian, and divided in four quartiles based on age. The final participants were asked to complete a questionnaire concerning demographics, medical and reproductive history, psychological stress, medication use, and smoking habits. Psychosocial stress and diet was also assessed. Diet was broken down into two patterns – Prudent (high intakes of fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, tomatoes, leafy green vege
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