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University of Guelph
NUTR 2050
Simone Holligan

Sarah Murphy 0715438 NUTR 2050 – Reaction Paper 3 In the article “Adequate nutrient intakes are associated with traditional food consumption in Nunavut Inuit children aged 3-5 year”, the research question is: How does dietary intake, especially of traditional food (TF), affect preschool Inuit children living in remote Northern communities in Canada? This research question, in my opinion, is not relevant as it focuses on a very small group of children rather than a broader group, for example all Canadian children, and then doing a sub-section on this smaller group Nunavut Inuit children. In this study, the researchers did not include a hypothesis. Johnson-Down and Egeland simply tested to see general overall results. Although this study focused on one main group and continued to follow through throughout the study, I do not believe that this study was well designed. The sample size, although it is an average sample size (388 children in total) and also balanced in gender (184 boys, and 204 girls), is not diverse in ethnic backgrounds or diverse in socio- economic status. Each of the participants were a member of the Nunvaut Inuit society, and there was a high prevalence of indicators of poverty, which includes any household member on income support, public housing, if a home needs repairs, and child food insecurit
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