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NUTR 3070
John Dwyer

SELF -D ETERMINATION T HEORY (Deci & Ryan, 2002) - THEORY OF MOTIVATION  Not the environment, very individual and personal  Macro-level theory, “large level” - 2 MAIN MIN-THEORIES  Make up larger theory o Organismic integration theory o Cognitive evaluation theory  Cognitions, thoughts, feelings; motivations. O RGANISMIC NTEGRATION T HEORY - 6 types of motivation - Autonomous versus controlled behaviours o Autonomous; self-control over your behaviour o Controlled; your actions are dependent on other peoples opinions 1. E XTERNAL REGULATION : (externally regulated behaviour) o Least self-determined behaviour, much more controlled. o To get external reward  I.e. with children, to please parents by participating in sports that parents are excited about; praise, attention, feedback o Satisfy a demand  Doing it for external forces/reasons  I.e. Your physiotherapist making you do exercises to get your knee/injury back in shape. Doing it to comply. 2. I NTROJECTED REGULATION : o Controlled motivation  Doing it for external reasons, but you are taking those pressures and imposing them onto yourself (internalizing them). May feel guilt if you do not. o Sense of guilt or obligation  I.e. taking your pet for a walk, taking social pressure/obligation 3. I DENTIFIED REGULATION: o More autonomous behaviour o Achieving personally valued outcomes  Some external, but you are making a little more choice.  Things that you value; lose weight, improve appearance 4. I NTEGRATED REGULATION : o Moving into autonomous motivation o Most self-determined extrinsic motivation o Doing behaviours because of consistency
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