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NUTR 3070
John Dwyer

Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura) - First known as social learning theory o Learning from influence of others - Renamed social cognitive theory (cognitive psychology) About: - Integrated concepts from other disciplines reciprocal determinism/triadic reciprocity - Environmental factors influence individuals and groups, but individuals and groups can also influence their environments and regulate their own behaviour o Personal, environment, behaviour Social cognitive theory Concepts - Psychological determinants of behaviour o Outcome expectations = belief about likelihood and value of consequences of behavioural choices o Belief that physical activity will reduce risk of disease and value health - Social outcome expectations - Self-evaluative outcome expectations - Self-efficacy = beliefs about personal ability to perform behaviours that bring desired outcomes versus barriers of self-efficacy - Collective efficacy = beliefs about ability of a group to perform concerted actions that bring desired outcomes Observational learning - Learning to perform new behaviours by exposure to interpersonal or media
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