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NUTR 3070
John Dwyer

INTERVENTION MAPPING IM Bartholomew et al 2011 STEP 1 NEEDS ASSESSMENT 2 COMPONENTSEpidemiological behaviouralsocial analysis of community or atrisk group for healthrelated problems o Determine if an interventionhelp is even needed Understanding the character of the community o Get a better sense of community strengths resources etcImportance of Needs Assessment o Discrepancy between what is and what should be o Real and perceived needso Factors that influence health or health risko Assess determinantsTASK 1 ESTABLISHMAINTAIN PLANNING GROUP THAT INCLUDES PROGRAM STAKEHOLDERSParticipation in program planning o Issues important to community o Results relevant o Develop capacity New skills once funding runs out they may be able to maintainComposingmaintaining project work groups When recruiting consider o Expertise in health problem or its causes o Diverse perspectives o ResponsibilityauthorityHigher level at organizations in community ability to make key decisions o InfluencePeople who have the ability to influenceo Commitment to issueSomeone who is truly committed to improving this problemWorkgroup management o Guidelines for productive groupsIdentify what each members responsibility is how decisions are made different timelines etco Develop group facilitation skillsWant to reach a consensus avoid voting May not agree with a decision but willing to support it Much better than simply voting o Techniques to generate ideas TASK 2 PLAN AND CONDUCT NEEDS ASSESSMENTUsing PRECEDE model GreenKreuter 2005o Develop a logic model mini model a model framework Describing population at riskenvironmental context o Who is the priority population o BoundariesWhat sex age limit etco Levels of environmentDetermine level walking trains etc
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