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Lecture 11

NUTR 3070 Lecture 11: Lecture January 26

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NUTR 3070
John Dwyer

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Lecture January 26
Readiness to engage in behavior
May predict actual behavior
Measures of intention
I intend to do at least 150 mins MPA a weak. Or 75 mins VPA a weak, or equivalent
combination. During the next month
Extremely unlikely to extremely likely
I will try to
I plan to
Integrative model
Intentions don’t always predict behavviour
May have no intention of doing the behavior
May intend But intention beh gap
Coping behaviors
Integrative Model
Skills and abilities
Environmental factors
Determination of intentions
Self efficacy
Overall feeling or evaluation of the bahaviour
For me to do at least 150 minutes MPA a weak, or 75
Perceived norms
Perceived social norms
Perceived social pressure
Self efficacy
Belief that one has skills and abilities to do behaviours
Belief that one can do the behavior. Under difficult circumstances
Precieved behavioural
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