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Lecture 6

NUTR 3070 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Tradition, Personal Trainer, Pedometer

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NUTR 3070
John Dwyer

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Lecture 6
Assumptions of TTM
1. No single theory can account for behavior
2. Beh. Change unfolds over time through stages
3. Stages are stable and open to change
4. No inherent motivation to progress
5. Majority will not be served effectively by traditional action oriented behavior
change programs
6. Specifics processes and principles of change need to be applied at specific
7. Stage matched interventions have been designed mainly to enhance self-
8. Behaviour change typically consists of several attempts where individuals
may progress, backslide, and recycle through changes a number of time
Background on TTM
Stages of change
Why ”trans theoretical”
Origins with smoking
Stages of change
1. Precontemplation: No intention to take action in the near term, usually measured
as within next 6 months.
2. Contemplation
Intends to take action within next 6 months.
3. Preparation:
Intends to take action soon (within next 30 days) and has taken steps in this
4. Action: Changed behavior for less than 6 months, I am physically active
what counts
no cigarettes - you are in the preparation stage.
5. Maintenance stage
changed behavior for more than 6 months.
6. Termination:
No temptation to relapse and 100% confident
Can you ever be not vulnerable to missing physical activity
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