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Lecture 10

NUTR 3210 Lecture 10: Protein Metabolism

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University of Guelph
NUTR 3210
David Mutch

Protein Metabolism Macronutrients so Far: 1. Carbohydrates Energy Source No specific essential CHO Includes Dietary Fibre o Dietary goal increase intake of nondigestible CHO Recommended intake 4565 2. Lipids Energy source Two essential fatty acids: alphalinolenic (n3) and linoleic (n6) Key roles as precursors for signaling molecules, structural role in membranes, etc. Goal is to decrease intake of total fat (specifically SFA and trans fats) and increase of MUFA and n3 fats Recommended intake 2535 3. Protein Energy source Substrate for glucose synthesis Provides amino acids (AAs) for protein synthesis and other areas of metabolism 21 proteinogenic AAs (i.e used to make protein) o Includes Selenocysteine nd o 22 AAs in reality BUT the 22 amino acid, pyrrolysine is used by bacteria, not humans 9 AAs considered essential or indispensable for humans o Histidine was the last AA to be added to the essential list Health Canada recommends a daily protein intake between 1030 o Average consumption in North America about 16 of daily calories o We dont need protein per se, but rather the AAs in protein Protein Overview
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