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Lecture 20

NUTR 3210 Lecture 20: summary of micronutrients

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NUTR 3210
David Mutch

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Name Function Sex Susceptible Deficiency Overdose correction Iodine (I-) Creates T3 and T4 Noparticular Peoplelocated -Growthand developmental Nosuchthing,body -goiter needsto sex ismore awayfromwater, abnormalities can correct the beremoved susceptible iodine isvery -goiter(can becomethyroid amount ofTSHthatis -cretinismis than the soluable. cancer) released irreversible other Problem in -cretinism (fetus doesntdvlp dvlpingworld properly) -mentalretardation -poor growthstunting VitaminA Related tonight Menneed 1.night blindness(rhodopsin) -Fetaldvlpcan occur Carotenoids (retinoids,B vision more 2.impaired epithelialcell when toomuchVitA prevent carotene) -bacteria entering differentiation -liver cell death cellsdeficiceny, skin 3.impaired growth takein excessvit A dont cause 4.impaired fertility and expand and lyse, toxicity 5.fetaldvlpment defects causeshepatocytes (converted to 6.abcteriacanpenetrateskin tobecomedamaged retinols) due toalack ofmucous and die VitaminD Actsasa true steroid Adults=600 -rickets(infants) -cant get itfromsun -takebothVit (converted to hormone IU -if25OHDlow, signof exposure D3and Ca2+ VitD3) -respondstolow deficiency -pplwithVitDintake supplements blood calcium -osteomalacia(adolescents >10,000or more /day (maintaining blood toadults) for severalmonths ca2+ ismore -osteoporosis(middleaged -food isfortified with important than bone) to elderly) vit D now Calcium(Ca2+) More important to Higher in -profoundlyaffectsboneand -constipation, -take have ca in blood than women muscle bloatingand or gas supplements bone -calcitrolsecreted when -kidney stones bodyisdeficnet incalcium, -calcitonin issecreted causesbonestobebroken when Calevelsin down blood aretoohigh, bonesstart mineralizingand Cais excreted inurine nd Phosphorus 2 most abundant neither Veryrare Veryrate - mineral in body(70%organic phosphate, 30% HPO4-) Fluoride (F-) Not essential, -10mg/day -increased incidence oftooth -fluorosis(mottlingof -move function istoeffect decay teeth) somewhere mineralization of - wherethey teeth and bones dont put itinto the water :D GUELPH NIACIN -digestion of NAD & -14/16mg/day N/A -pellagra -liver damage DEFICIENCY (VITAMIN B3) NADP needed to NEadult -dermatitis,demetia, -GIT problems -corn(bound -produced in liver absorb niacin women/men diarrhea,death -glucoseintolerance not absorbed) fromTrp -boosts good HDL -reversible souselimefrom cholesterol limestone to -lowersbad LDL releaseB3from cholesterol and TAGs corn -reforming - glutathione recommendatio requires both niacin ns: (NAD)
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